The West is Alive at Rancho Indalo!

Rancho Indalo celebrates the spirit and skills of the American West. We offer trail riding here in the high desert to challenge you within your level of experience - with hilly trails from mild to extreme. Our horses are experienced, trail-savvy, strong and willing to please. And we offer a variety of tack for your riding comfort - English, Australian or Western.

But the adventure doesn't end there. In addition to equestrian adventure, we also offer training with period and modern weapons. Spend your free time learning how to crack a bullwhip - on the ground or on horseback. Inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Weapons Instructor of the Year, Anthony is an experienced whip performing and trainer. His students include Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anjelica Huston and Ellen Barkin. His work has been featured in the movies (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Batman Returns, Wild Bill, Bad Girls, The Rundown) and on television (More Extreme Marksman, Buffalo Girls, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Adventures of Sinbad, Queen of Swords). He has even worked his bullwhip for the Los Angeles Opera - wrapping famed tenor Placido Domingo in The Girl of the Golden West.

Have an interest in bladed weaponry? We offer training in swordplay (both theatrical and combative applications), knife-throwing and ax-throwing. Broadsword, rapier, smallsword, cavalry sabre, lances and more! Anthony has over 30 years experience in the art and science of swordplay - as a competitor, performer and instructor. His work has been seen in numerous films including Secondhand Lions, Almost Heroes, The Sword and the Sorceror, The Cherokee Kid, and Jet Li蘗s Fearless.

If the 1800's really appeal to you, we offer firearms safety training with period weapons - shotgun, rifle and single action pistols -- and with modern weapons. Anthony and Mary are both members of the Single Action Shooting Society and the California Desperados , if you wish to learn the basics of cowboy action and mounted shooting. In addition, live-fire practice can be arranged at our local licensed shooting ranges.

But that蘗s not all. We also offer an aerobic workout on the trampoline or treadmill, hiking, relaxation time in the Jacuzzi spa, quiet evenings on the deck, cocktails at sunset, a wide selection of classic and current films for your viewing pleasure and country gourmet dining -- indoors or outdoors -- featuring fresh produce and California wines.

Perched atop one of the foothills of the Angeles Mountains in southern California, we are located off the 14 Freeway in Los Angeles county. We are 30 miles from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA and 48 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport. It's a short distance from the city, but once you get here, you'll think you're in another world.

For more information about our facilities and our prices, please drop us an email at or snail mail to P.O. Box 2445, Canyon Country, CA 91386. For more about Anthony's credentials, please visit his website

If you wish to talk directly, please email us your phone number and let us know the best time to call you. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our bliss.