Rapier for the Stage and Screen:

The De Longis Method


This video teaches Mr. De Longis' unique style of stage and film swordfighting in short, sequential, easy-to-follow lessons. It includes a rigorous safety protocol, practical parries, visually effective cuts and thrusts, and a series of training drills with which to hone your skills. Whether you are a professional performer wishing to increase your skills, or a hobbyist wanting to further your appreciation of choreographed swordplay, this video will help you develop the skills you need to perform!


Contents of the video includes instruction and drills covering:

  1. Bulletgrip and en garde position

  2. Bullettargeting and distance

  3. Bulletcutting attacks

  4. Bulletthrusts, disengages and doubles

  5. Bulletlateral and circular parries

  6. Bulletbasic and advanced linear footwork

  7. Bulletchoreographed single weapon sword fight demonstration

  8. Bulletchoreographed double weapon sword fight demonstration

This 2-DVD set is available for US$41.95. Running time: 117 minutes. Include $6/video for shipping and handling for orders to the U.S. (by Priority Mail), and US$9 for orders to Canada and Mexico (by Air Mail). Payment on foreign orders must be made in U.S. funds. Send order to:

Palpable Hit Productions

PO BOX 2445

Canyon Country, CA 91386

Also available is the companion instruction manual. This spiral-bound manual contains a 39-page transcription of the DVD set and a 23-page appendix of the drills demonstrated. Easy-to-read, this manual is an invaluable asset in your rehearsal and training.

The companion instruction manual can be yours for US$16. Postage if bought individually is US$2 via Air Mail and US$5 via Priority Mail. If purchased with Rapier for the Stage and Screen, postage is free.


"Anthony De Longis' theatrical fencing work has always been of the highest caliber, epitomized by his classic "Mysterious Circle" duel on THE HIGHLANDER television series. He has now transferred his considerable skill and knowledge to a learning video, which will be of immense interest to actors, fight arrangers, and sword enthusiasts alike. Mr. De Longis' approach to stage and film sword combat is delivered in a manner that is both clear and precise, making it the ideal for all levels of aspiring swashbucklers. As a fencing master of nearly thirty years, I recommend this video highly." -- Nick Evangelista, author of The Encyclopedia of the Sword and The Art and Science of Fencing

"I have to say being a total no nothing with a sword that this video is GREAT. Mr. Delongis explains everything so well, he makes it look easy.... I understood everything he was trying to teach." -- Derek Paradis

Production Crew
Pictured: Anthony De Longis (Sword Master); Ed Douglas (Director); Robert Chapin
(Sword Assistant)

Not pictured: Mark Petrigac (director of photography); Brian Tracy (sound); Mary Gallien (production assistant); Gillian Horvath (craft service).

"I have recently purchased the Rapier video....Excellent....It greatly has augmented my martial arts sword kata skills and just plain historically interesting. -- Eric Ericksen