L'Ecole Francaise:

A Practical and Combative Guide to the French Smallsword


Disk one contains instruction covering the basics, including:

  1. BulletGuard/stance/posture

  2. BulletFootwork

  3. BulletLunge

  4. BulletSubterfuge

  5. BulletAttack on the pass

  6. BulletThe weapon

  7. BulletGrips

  8. BulletSalute

  9. BulletLines: defense/offense

  10. BulletThrusts

  11. BulletParries

  12. BulletFinding the sword

  13. BulletMeasure and simple attacks

  14. BulletParries and Ripostes

  15. BulletCircular Parries


This DVD set is designed to serve as a guide to comprehending the theory and proper technical execution of the French School as it was practiced in the18th century with the smallsword. For the first time ever on DVD the basics of fencing with the smallsword are dealt with in a detailed and simple, comprehensible form, for the modern swordsman training without a master.

This 3-disk DVD set contains a wealth of information on this oft-misunderstood weapon and, under the guidance of Maestro Jeannette Acosta Martinez, builds a substantial foundation of theory and technique.

Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez

Maestro Acosta-Martinez began her training in 1982 and received her Master's certification in 2000. While her expertise encompasses the French, Italian and Spanish schools of fencing, she is considered the foremost expert in the world on French smallsword, teaching seminars on three continents. Her passion for the weapon and her renowned annotation of The School of Fencing by Domenico Angelo, has engendered a renaissance of the art and science of the French smallsword.

Maestro Acosta-Martinez is a founding member of the International Masters at Arms Federation and the current business manager for Martinez Academy of Arms. She is one of the founders and Vice President of the Association for Historical Fencing.


Priced at US$79.95, this set is an invaluable addition to the library of any swordsperson.

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Production Crew

Front Row: Cecil Longino (teaching assistant); Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez (instructor); Alexander Petrovski (teaching assistant); Mary De Longis (production designer); Ed Douglas (director).

Back Row: Maestro Ramon Martinez (assistant instructor); Jason Heck (production assistant); David Baker (2nd camera); Mark Petrigac (director of photography); Anthony De Longis (producer/director).

Not pictured: Chris Lowery (composer); Phil Gibson (editor).


Volume 1: The Basics

Volume Two: Advanced Techniques

Disk two builds upon the foundation of disk one, including:

  1. BulletBeats

  2. BulletCoup Sec

  3. BulletFroissment

  4. BulletCoule/Glissade

  5. BulletFeints

  6. BulletCoupe

  7. BulletLiement/Croise

  8. BulletFlanconnade

  9. BulletLeft hand applications

  10. BulletDisarms

Volume Three: Master Classes

Disk three features close examination of the theory of French smallsword including:

  1. Bulletin-depth analysis of measure and time

  2. Bulletdetailed discussion of smallsword fencing as an opposition system

  3. BulletFrench smallsword theory for self-defense

  4. Bulletthe case for historical accuracy in fight choreography