Broadsword for the Stage and Screen:

The De Longis Method


"After having read and viewed dozens of books and tapes in my long career, I can honestly say for the first time that I was kept interested by the personality, charm and presentation of the material. Anthony's breakdown of the technical aspects of the techniques applied to the broadsword was clearly and precisely presented both in explanation and demonstration.... I highly recommend the purchase of this video as a valuable reference video and contribution to one's fencing library" -- Bob Anderson - Swordmaster and Actor Action Coordinator, The Princess Bride, The Mask of Zorro, First Knight, Lord of the Rings


Building on the basic techniques detailed in Rapier for the Stage and Screen, this video is geared to the intermediate to advanced swordsman and offers the tools to get you performing safely, comfortably and effectively with the Broadsword.

Content of the video includes instruction and drills covering:

  1. Bulletselection of the practice weapon

  2. Bulletstandard & reverse guards

  3. Bulletsingle- and double-handed cuts & parries

  4. Bulletdiagonal cuts and parries

  5. Bulletceding or yielding parries

  6. Bulletdeflections and disarms

  7. Bulletbinds, envelopments and avoids

  8. Bulletwounds and kills

  9. Bulletvisual and audible cueing

  10. Bulletreactions

  11. Bulletcool moves

  12. Bulletchoreographed sword fight performances using broad-bladed weapons

The 2-disk set, with a running time of 108 minutes, is available for US $41.95. Include $6/set for shipping and handling for orders to the U.S. (by Priority Mail), and US$ 9 for Canada and Mexico (by Air Mail), Foreign orders are accepted, payment made by U.S. funds money order. Send order to:

Palpable Hit Productions

PO BOX 2445

Canyon Country, CA 91386


"Anthony De Longis' video on the Broadsword for the Stage & Screen is superbly taught by Mr. De Longis, with all the necessary basics, safety measures and subtleties that make up exciting action sword play for the stage and screen." -- Guro Dan Inosanto - internationally renowned martial arts master instructor, member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and author of The Filipino Arts, A Guide to Martial Arts Training with Equipment, and Jeet Kune Do: The Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Production Crew

Pictured: David Baker (sword assistant); Mary Gallien (sword assistant); Robert Chapin (sword assistant); Ed Douglas (director); Anthony De Longis (Sword Master); Mark Petrigac (director of photography/editor)

"Anthony De Longis has produced another superior instructional video. Based on progressive learning, and underscored by a desire for safety at all times, Broadsword for Stage and Screen: The De Longis Method, leads the theatrical fencer or historical recreator into a knowledge-based use of the broadsword. As always, the De Longis method is clear, clean, and easily grasped, blending creativity and proficiency simultaneously. This video is another must for anyone interested in historically-flavored sword fighting. As the author of The Art and Science of Fencing, The Inner Game of Fencing, and The Encyclopedia of the Sword, and the editor of Fencers Quarterly Magazine, I recommend it highly." -- Nick Evangelista, author of The Encyclopedia of the Sword and The Art and Science of Fencing