Anthony De Longis

De Longis is well known for creating the role of Kazon leader First Maje Culluh for Star Trek: Voyager, appearing in five of the series episodes. He has appeared on Justified, Leverage, The Riches, iCarly, ER, The Outer Limits, Queen Of Swords, The Adventures Of Shirley Holmes, The Adventures Of Sinbad, Conan The Adventurer, Babylon 5, and Highlander: The Series twice. He has also appeared in the popular movies Jet Li's Fearless, Road House, Masters Of The Universe, and Sword And The Sorcerer.

Anthony's combined abilities as an actor, swordsman and bladed weapons scholar helped create one of the most popular and talked-about episodes of Highlander: The Series.

  1. "I loved 'Duende'. 'Duende' was a flamenco, a dance that tells a story about betrayal, passion and vengeance. I thought the fight between Anthony De Longis and Adrian was wonderful. And, basically, 'Duende' happened because Anthony came in with that style of fighting and said, 'Can we do something regarding this?' And I said 'Absolutely.' " -- David Abramowitz, headwriter, Highlander: The Series

Off-camera, De Longis was Fight Director for the Los Angeles Music Center Opera from 1985 to 2003. He was Swordmaster / Stunt Coordinator for episodes 1-6 of The Queen Of Swords, and Swordmaster for Secondhand Lions.

He is also a professional stage movement and combat instructor, teaching in academic (UCLA Theatre Arts Dept. 1974-1993), small group and private settings seminars. De Longis is dedicated to getting the best action possible from his performers. He was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as 2008 Weapons Instructor of the Year and into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame in 2009,

Based in Los Angeles and Vancouver, De Longis is the whip expert who taught Michelle Pfeiffer how to swing a gracefully exact bullwhip in Batman Returns. Harrison Ford selected Anthony to brush up his whip skills for Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. He also coached Angelica Huston for Buffalo Girls and Ellen Barkin for Wild Bill (In fact, Barkin felt confident enough to use a bullwhip to cut a cigar held by David Letterman on Late Night With David Letterman!). He also trained the whip fighters for The Rundown and Underworld.

De Longis' expertise with a bullwhip complements his experience as a martial artist and fight performer and choreographer in such movies as Road House, Expect No Mercy, Far And Away, Cybertracker II, Cherokee Kid, Wild Bill, Circle Of Iron, Jaguar Lives and Masters Of The Universe, and the Los Angeles Music Center Opera productions of La Fanciulla Del West, Don Giovanni, Il Trovatore, Otello, and Carmen.

An accomplished horseback rider, De Longis is a founding member of The Australian Light Horsemen, a mounted cavalry team which performs realistic combat routines with sabers, lances, bullwhips and pistols. He is also a member of the California Desperados, the Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association and the Single Action Shooting Society, and has trained with the Governor General's Horse Guard in Ontario, Canada.

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Articles about De Longis and his work have been featured in numerous magazines. Impact Magazine published a three-part series spanning his career. Interviews about his portrayal of Maje Culluh have appeared in Star Trek Communicator, Starlog: Star Trek Voyager. Features about his set experiences have been published in TV Zone and Fight Master Magazine.

As a published writer, De Longis has contributed articles on the sword and the bullwhip to both martial arts and stage combat publications. These include articles on the Spanish Mysterious Circle, published in Fight Master, Inside Karate and Martial Arts Insider, and on sabre in Black Belt. Articles on the bullwhip have appeared in Inside Karate, Black Belt and Inside Stunts.

A partial list of articles and downloadable pdf files is available on the Articles page.

Anthony's talents as both an actor and martial arts expert and choreographer have been hailed by many:

  1. "Anthony De Longis portrays Iago as a soft-spoken viper, enraged that he has been passed over for promotion in Othello's regiment." (LA Weekly)

  2. "Anthony De Longis is impressive in his command of the martial arts techniques, which he executes with dance-like beauty and precision." (Hollywood Reporter)

  3. "The famous duel in rhyme is as thrilling as it was written to be, Richard Chamberlain skewering fight choreographer Anthony De Longis with a style that surely had Douglas Fairbanks smiling down from movie heaven." (Los Angeles Times)

  4. "Anthony De Longis is a powerful antagonist, the Roman commander who stands for law and order in a crumbling empire. A stout-hearted man, he sings the incisive lyrics with intelligence and fervor." (Dramalogue)

  5. "Anthony De Longis did the fight choreography, enough said." (Dramalogue)