Anthony De Longis's acting career spans Film, Television, and Theatre. He has played and created a wide variety of roles, from Shakespeare's Iago to Star Trek: Voyager's Kazon leader Maje Culluh.

De Longis has guest starred on some of television's most popular shows, including Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, MacGyver, and Moonlighting. His abilities as an actor, swordsman and bladed weapons scholar helped create one of the most popular and talked-about episodes of Highlander, and allowed him to perform, move for move, with Jet Li in Fearless.


Acting Resume

"...major respect to Anthony De Longis who has to be one of if not the best western swordsmen in the world." -- Mike Leeder, Casting Director for FEARLESS, Impact Magazine

Title                                                             Character                  Director             
Sunny and RayRay                                                        Johnny                          Del Weston
Double Duty                                                                    Dirk                               Stephen Eckelberry
House of Fallen                                                              Cole                              Rob Stephens
Jet Li’s Fearless                                                             Spaniard                       Donny Yu
Ariana’s Quest                                                                Tarak                            Lloyd Simandl, Danny Virtue
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights                       Gen. Nimbus / Father   Alan Merhez, Elvis Rostino
Deadlock                                                                         Woody                          Stuart Chapin
Last Chance Detectives: Escape from Fire Lake       Josh                              Stephen Stiles
Wild Bill                                                                          Card Cheat                   Walter Hill
CyberTracker 2                                                              Paris Morgan                Richard Pepin
CIA II Target: Alexa                                                       Gate Mercenary            Lorenzo Lamas
November Conspiracy / The Feminine Touch            Rainman                       Conrad Janis
Expect No Mercy                                                           Damian                          Zale Dalen
Batman Returns                                            Terror Clown, Hotdog Vendor        Tim Burton
Far and Away                                                                 Boxer                             Ron Howard
Road House                                                                   Ketchum                         Rowdy Harrington
The Chipmunk Adventure                                            Klaus Furschtien             Ross Bagdasarian
Masters of the Universe                                               Blade                              Gary Goddard
Dangerously Close                                                       Smith Raddock               Albert Pyun
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin                                  Zygon                             Steve Hahn
Final Round                                                                  Joe Delgado                   George Ershbaumer
The Sword and the Sorcerer                                       Rodrigo                          Albert Pyun
The Warrior and the Sorceress                                   Kief                                John Broderic
Jaguar Lives! aka El Felino                                         Brett                               Ernie Pentoff
Circle of Iron aka The Silent Flute                              Morthond                        Richard Moore
Swashbuckler                                                              Soldier in Bar                  James Goldstone

Title                                                    Character                            Director   
Justified(2)                                                       Rufus                                              Adam Arkin
Leverage                                                          Butcher of Kiev                               Jonathan Frakes
Mr & Mrs Smith (pilot)                                     Hajek Bodyguard #1                       Doug Liman
The Riches                                                      Redneck                                          Peter O’Fallon, Dan Lerner
iCarly                                                               Emile                                               Russ Reinsel
The War At Home                                           Fencing Instructor                           Andy Cadiff
Las Vegas                                                       Very Big Guy                                   Paul Michael Glaser
ER                                                                    ENT                                                Jonathan Kaplan
MythQuest                                                      Lancelot                                          Stefan Scaini
The Outer Limits                                            Commander McCarty                     Jimmy Kaufman
Queen of Swords (2)                                      Maestro Torres, Krane                   Jon Cassar, Paolo Barzman
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes              Vern                                                Kim Todd
The Adventures of Sinbad                            Malek                                              Brenton Spencer
Conan, The Adventurer                                 Prince Shadizar                              James Brice
Goosebumps                                                  Man in Black                                   John Bell
Star Trek: Voyager (5)                                   First Maje Culluh                             D. Livingstone, R.Scheerer, 
                                                                                                                                 L. Landau, R. Kolbe
Highlander: The Series (2)                             Otavio Consone, Lyman Kurlow    Richard Martin, Paolo Barzman
Babylon 5                                                        Harry                                               Kevin Dobson
Pacific Blue                                                     Travis Morell                                   Gary Winter
Hawkeye                                                         Jack Munsch                                    Brad Turner
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues                 El Brujo                                            Jon Cassar
Renegade (2)                                                  Pastorini, Sand                                Terence O’Hara
She’s The Sheriff                                           The Butterfly                                    Mark Rothman
Sledgehammer!                                             Swenson                                          Dick Martin
General Hospital                                            Irving, Pierre
The Twilight Zone                                          Thompson                                       Thomas Wright
MacGyver (3)                                                  Kosoff, Piedra                                 Charles Correll, Cliff Bole
Moonlighting                                                  Singing Chain Gang Member         Alan Arkush
Murder, She Wrote                                        Serge Berenski                               Allen Reisner
MacGruder and Loud                                    Immigration Officer                         Richard Copton
Velvet                                                              Guest Star                                      Richard Lang
V                                                                      Ghalen                                            Walter Graumann
Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (2)             David Cardell, Jack Cooley            Paul Stanley
Santa Barbara                                                Leo Mitchell (recurring)
Simon and Simon (2)                                     Zorn                                               Sig Neufeld
High Mountain Rangers                                Ivan Danisovich                             James Roberson
Hardcastle and McCormick                          Dave                                               Sig Neufeld
Our Family Honor                                          Mafia Hitman                                  Guy Magar
Houston Knights                                           Ronald Corliss                                Randy Roberts
The Wizard                                                     Guest Star                                      Michael Caffey
The Dukes of Hazzard (2)                             Slade, Norton                                 Bob Sweeney, Tom Wopat
Days of Our Lives                                         Claus van Zant, Hans
Trapper John, M.D.                                       Mick Taggert                                   Leo Penn
Matt Houston (2)                                           Kline                                                Don Chaffey
The Master                                                    Draper                                             Bruce Kessler
The A-Team                                                  Tony                                                 Ivan Dixon
Battlestar Galactica                                     Taba                                                 Alan Levi, Don Bellisario
The Hardy Boy Mysteries                           Sergio Morse
Quincy                                                          Russell
Logan's Run                                                Ketcham                                           Michael Anderson

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